July 18, 2019

Download ARC Brochure!

Click here to download the Allatoona Resource Center Programs and Services Brochure.



This brochure gives you a complete at-a-glance overview of the great programs and services available to you at the Allatoona Resource Center. Get contact information, hours of operations and a list of programs and services, including:

Direct Services –
(Read the brochure and contact the ARC for details)

  • Baby Products
  • Bartow County Drug Voucher Program
  • Emergency Food Pantry
  • Emergency Utility Assistance
  • Laundry Service for Lice Treatment
  • Medicare/Medicaid Assistance
  • Medical Assistance
  • Needy Meds Program
  • Temporary Assistance to Needy Families and Food Stamps

(Read the brochure and contact the ARC for details)

  • Access to Government Agencies
  • Children’s Development
  • Community Advocacy
  • Employment Preparation
  • Mental Health Assistance
  • Mentoring
  • Parenting Classes
  • Resource Counseling

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