Allatoona Community Association, Inc. Information

The ACA is a non-profit civic association dedicated to the betterment of the Allatoona Community. The ACA serves its community as the umbrella association to many diverse groups in the area, in an effort to establish constructive and collaborative focus on community improvement.

There are no fees associated with being an ACA Member.

The Allatoona Community Association is a non-profit organization committed to serving the un-incorporated southeastern segment of Bartow County – now referred to as the Allatoona Community.

The PURPOSE of the Allatoona Community Association is to provide a citizens forum that promotes the betterment of our community.  The Association works with the Federal, Georgia, and Bartow County government officials who serve and support the Allatoona Community.  Areas of focus include safety; health and environmental issues; zoning and environmental ordinance enforcement; community education and resource; strategic planning; general clean-up initiatives. The ACA is not limited to these issues alone and may address any Community related issue deemed relevant by Board of Directors, Community, and County.


Would you like to help improve your community by becoming a board or committee member of the Allatoona Community Association? We are always looking for civic-minded, team-player, community individuals – who have a resource or contribution to bring to the table – the ability to make monthly meetings ….and the patience for civic work and interaction at local, county, state, and federal levels.

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Would you like to help:

Track old roads using GPS.  (Scout or Church youth groups)
Research historic maps and documents
Study the genealogy of past peoples living in the area
Document various graveyards in the community
Interview older folks who have lived in the area a long time
Identify old schools, Churches, homes, etc. using GPS
Find Out What happened to Gladeville
What damage did Sherman’s Army do in this area
Identify old gold mining operations using GPS
Locate the old tanning yard somewhere along Tanyard Creek 

The ACA is looking for the answers to these questions! Please contact us if you can help.