The Allatoona Community Association, Inc. is committed to working for the long-term as a non-profit community-based organization, in partnership and on behalf of the many civic and cultural diversities of the Allatoona Community, to develop, implement and maintain an integrated common plan for the betterment of the Community.


Working Toward the Building of Successful Working Partnerships

  • Provides a foundation and initiative for the collaboration of Community residents, neighborhoods, churches, schools and businesses to explore strategies for caring positively for our community
  • Provides a foundation and initiative for working with County, State and Federal offices and agencies to identify and access services and resources available to assist and support the community
  • Solicits County administration attention to the overall well-being of this un-incorporated community and focus on specific “symptoms,” as necessary

Working to Support Community Communication, Participation and Action

  • Provides community meeting opportunities in a safe, convenient location
  • Fosters forums for residents to advocate for their families, neighborhood and business concerns and needs
  • Provides communication exchange and feedback formats through dedicated phone, email, postal mail and website
  • Encourages residents to be responsive to issues impacting the community, to seek solutions in a collaborative manner and to address obstacles in a constructive manner

Working to Broaden Community Networks

  • Brings individuals, groups and agencies together to meet recognized needs / issues in the community
  • Explores how County and agency systems work and how to interact with them
  • Serves as an advocate for the community – forming and participating in groups appropriate to community needs
  • Identifies resources that can help meet recognized needs and determine how to access essential services.
  • Links community with county leaders and others to organize support, advocacy, and consulting groups

Working to Identify Effective Ways to Strengthen the Community

  • Assessess and define issues and needs in collaboration with community and county interest groups
  • Explores options to handle problems
  • Facilitates group processing and analysis of issues, and structures solution-focused discussion around examination of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Includes community individuals/groups in the development, implementation, and evaluation of processes and programs that are driven by community needs and incorporates their ideas and suggestions

Working to Define the Allatoona Community

  • Supports data collection and analysis that can provide the essential information needed to substantiate issue identification and to understand what changes need to be made and how to go about making them
  • Mapping the community and neighborhoods to increase understanding of assets, resources and needs
  • Seeks reliable, coordinated data collection and analysis to assist in determining the direct and indirect costs of current County management of the un-incorporated area
  • Facilitates development of a demographic profile of the community to develop an understanding of social , economic and demographic factors affecting the community