Waste Management, Litter Control and Illegal Dumping is Everybody’s Business

Why Worry About Litter?
Litter is defined as discarded, abandoned or unauthorized disposal of waste; including storage and disposal of tires; certain outdoor burning; refuse, rubbish, junk or other waste material. Litter impacts our property values and leads to more crime. It has been identified as a major indicator of neighborhood decline. Litter creates the impression that no one cares which results in more littering, vandalism and even more serious crimes.

Litter Laws
Littering is a crime by State of Georgia and Bartow County laws. Anyone caught littering in Georgia can be ordered to pay fines up to $25,000. Check out the Georgia Litter Violations and Penalties details online at www.litteritcostsyou.org

Report; Request Assistance; Know the Codes
Contact Environmental Code Officer Deputy Ford at (770)387-5798 or call the landfill scale house at (770)387-5145. Anonymous tips will be welcome.

  • To report suspicious waste handling activity
  • To report illegal dumping
  • To report littering
  • To request investigation of related activity
  • To obtain a copy of the Bartow County Environmental Compliance Ordinance
  • For assistance with environmental code enforcement, call 770-387-5798
  • For assistance with zoning code enforcement (unfit property/housing etc.), call 770-607-6252


▪Gas and Propane cylinders must be EMPTY
▪Take waste oil to collection center
▪Tires: Limit 4 tires per person
(The main Land fill rules are 4 tires allowed per person per year, or if more, pay $2.50/car tire or $5.00/truck tire)
▪Paint: 5 gallon limit
▪Refrigerators/Air conditioners/scrap metal
▪Household Garbage/Debris
▪Electronics: TV, computers
▪Boats: You pay $25 per boat (open hull, no engines)
LANDFILL UNACCEPATBLE MATERIAL Examples:▪No junk automobiles
▪No trailers
▪No poisons, herbicides and pesticides
▪No hazardous Waste