Neighborhood Watch

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Awareness and Reporting of Criminal Activity within the Community

Look – Listen Report
Suspicious or criminal activity For Emergency ……….. Call 911
Observed or have knowledge of theft, vandalism, environmental damage To Report/Dispatch Assistance – Bartow Tip Line Direct 770-606-8477
Any other threat or suspicious activity against residents and businesses or environment Sheriff’s Dept. Main………770-382-5050

What is a Neighborhood Watch?
An organized two way communication between the County Sheriff’s Department and a group of residences or businesses – exploring ways to protect individuals, homes and businesses and reporting crime. Watch groups are not vigilantes and should not assume the role of the police. Their duty is to ask neighbors to be alert, observant, and caring—and to report suspicious activity or crimes immediately to the police. There are a number of neighborhood watch prototypes available on the internet. Groups work with the police or Sheriff’s office; these agencies are critical to a Watch group and are the source of necessary information and training.

Allatoona Community & Neighborhood Watch Programs
Currently, there is an assortment of established and developing neighborhood watch groups within the community – operating on either a formal or informal basis. The Allatoona Community Neighborhood Watch Program continues to develop, through the ACA and in cooperation with the Bartow Sheriff’s Department and other Bartow County resources. The primary focus for this program is elimination of neighborhood crime and safety issues. In the Allatoona Community neighborhoods, there is a wide variety of opinion as to the need for and what makes a neighborhood watch group. Each neighborhood is different; neighborhoods must work on what their residents feel is most urgent. The important thing is that neighborhoods must speak up, and step up, to address and prevent crime and safety issues that affect them.

The ACA has established a Community-Watch-in-Action Council to support community neighborhood watch efforts. Interested residents from neighborhoods and established watch group representatives are encouraged to participate.